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Solving the Problem of Lack of Patient-Family Lodging

Our purpose is to provide free or low-cost lodging and support at volunteer-host homes as a caring response to the housing needs of patients and their families who come to the Greater Philadelphia area for specialized medical care.

How We Help

Staying at a host-home

Our hosts are caring people who provide a place to sleep and a feeling of home.

Urgent Need for More Homes for Patient-Families

Pope Francis will be in Philadelphia the week of September 20th. An estimated 1.5 million people will therefore be coming to town that week.

Area hotels are expected to be fully booked or charging excessive room rentals. As a result scores of patient-families will have nowhere to stay.

To meet this need in May we begun a five-month campaign to have at least 50 more homes available for patient-families during the time of the Pope’s visit.

Please be part of this collective, community effort to help these families—either by becoming a host or helping to spread word of the need.

Please check back each week to see the progress toward the goal of at least 50 new host-homes! Current Progress: 46 new host-homes, (17 other new homes in process of being added to our host-network!!)