Thanks-for-Giving Appeal

In this day and age you understand how extraordinary it is that hosts welcome into their homes patient-families who are total strangers to them.

An easy way for you and your friends to give back
There are many good charities that seek help. What may guide someone in choosing which cause to support with an end-of-year gift?
Friends give to friends when asked!
You may have already told many friends, family members and colleagues about the very special way in which caring and compassionate hosts are providing shelter from the storm to patient-families during their times of medical crises.
Create your own personal Friend-to-Friend
appeal by clicking on the green box below.
From your page you will be able to post pictures or tell any story you wish to share, and then by email and Facebook easily invite your friends to join in your kindness by making a gift and thus an honest, immediate difference.
Your friends will be so pleased that you have cared to include them in this effort to help the world be the way we all wish it to be!

Guest Christine Richards of New York sitting between hosts Jeff and Eileen Moran while waiting to receive a double lung transplant,
“I know I have made friends for life!”
—Christine Richards

Our goal is for at least 20 people—
hosts, guests and other supporters—
to create personal appeals.

19 appeals so far

This will help us double our capacity
so we will be hosting at least
40 patient-families each night.

Monica Facui from New Jersey and her parents Angel and Vessa from Bulgaria were returning guests of hosts John and Dale Cleary.
“For all the things you might say this experience could be, it’s been strangely rewarding in ways I could have never anticipated.”
—Monica Facui
“They listen, they comfort me, it’s just wonderful.”
—Vessa Timev
“We were looking for something where we could give back… I cherish the friendships we’ve made.”
—John Cleary