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Please donate to HfH on GIVINGTUESDAY and/or become a HfH GIVINGTUESDAY Ambassador!

“This is why I’m reaching out to my friends as a GIVINGTUESDAY Ambassador!”

Please view Adayna’s video. Her daughter Elsie has lived her whole live in hospitals. We’re now lodging the family for as long as they may need.

A GIVINGTUESDAY Ambassador is someone who reaches out
to their friends via social media to make a gift to a
worthy cause on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

We are inviting people to support HOSTS for HOSPITALS
by becoming HfH GIVINGTUESDAY Ambassadors .

Our goal is for at least 20 people to be
GIVINGTUESDAY Ambassadors so in this way
we may raise $15,000 and hopefully even more.

It’s so easy to be a GIVINGTUESDAY Ambassador!
Just click the above link, fill in the form, then message your
friends 1 week before, 1 day before and on December 3rd!

Progress towards goal of 20 GIVINGTUESDAY Ambassadors:
8 people signed up so far!

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