Spring Fund Drive

The generous gifts of friends such as yourself are helping us greatly expand the types of patient-families we are helping

Our major host-recruitment drives this year

Due to the kind gifts of almost 350 new friends last fall, this April we hired a new Outreach Coordinator.
She has begun the hard work of reaching out to corporations, places of worship and other caring community groups to greatly expand the number and types of homes we have available for patient-families in need.
In particular, we are and will be working very hard to add to our network:
• Homes with minimal stairs or elevators for patients or family members unable or not allowed to do stairs.
• Snowbird and In-law Suite homes for immune-compromised patients, especially children, who must lodge in a private setting.
• Hosts who speak Mandarin for families arriving from China with a child to be receiving life-saving eye surgery.

My daughter was in the hospital and it was very, very frightening
Guest location: Florida
Host Location: Center City, Philadelphia
Medical Facility: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia

Without my hosts I really hate to think where I would be right now
Guest location: Australia
Host Location: Center City, Philadelphia
Medical Facility: Vincera Institute, Philadelphia