Fall Fund Drive

The generous gifts of friends such as yourself are helping us greatly expand the types of patient-families we are helping!

Your Gift Allows Us To Do the Hard Work Needed to Grow Our Host-Network

Due to the kind gifts of almost 750 old and new friends, since April 2017 we have been able to employ a third staff person, our Outreach Coordinator Cathy Davis. Her mission? To reach out to corporations, places of worship and other caring community groups so as to greatly expand the number, types and geographic range of homes in the HfH Host-network. Her success during the now thirteen months during which she has been employed? 111 new families have expressed interest in becoming hosts and over 80 of them have already formally done so!

With the ongoing growth of our Host-network we are expanding the types of patient-families who we help to include (a) patients receiving care from medical facilities that are more widely dispersed throughout the Greater Philadelphia area, and/or (b) patients whose lodging needs may be met and allow them to be placed at host-homes located at further distances from the treating Greater Philadelphia area hospital.

In particular, some of the types of patient-families who we will be helping over the next year include:

• patients and/or family members needing lodging for multiple months while patients undergo rehab at the Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital in Malvern.

• patients and/or family members who need lodging for multiple months in association with receiving care for burns at the Crozer Burn Center in Chester.

• immunocompromised patients, especially children, requiring private lodging for a number of months post-discharge, with the multi-family dynamic of a Ronald McDonald House being a medically unsafe environment for such patients.

• children having orthopedic surgery at the Shriners Hospital requiring lodging for a number of months post-discharge, but then not eligible to stay at a Ronald McDonald House due to the infrequency of medical appointments.

• lung transplant candidates who must relocate to within two hours of the Greater Philadelphia area for a year or more so as to be able to be listed at the Temple Lung Center or the Penn Medicine Transplant Institute.

• families of patients hospitalized for multiple months as a result of having been injured in an automobile accident, with such patients being treated at facilities near major highways like Paoli Hospital, Abington Hospital, Crozer-Chester Medical Center or Cooper Medical Center in Camden, New Jersey.

My daughter was in the hospital and it was very, very frightening
Guest location: Florida
Host Location: Center City, Philadelphia
Medical Facility: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia

Without my hosts I really hate to think where I would be right now
Guest location: Australia
Host Location: Center City, Philadelphia
Medical Facility: Vincera Institute, Philadelphia