Friend-to-Friend 2018 Appeals Campaign

Create Your Own Friend-to-Friend Appeal

2018 Friend-to-Friend Appeals campaign

Andrew and his mother Tiffany stayed at a private ‘snowbird’ host-home for three months earlier this year after Andrew underwent a stem-cell transplant at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Welcome to our 3rd Annual
Friend-to-Friend Appeals Campaign!

The campaign officially begins October 1st.
Our theme this year: Community Healing!

In both 2016 and 2017, about twenty people conducted active appeals. As a result, each year $30,000 was raised. This enabled us to add to our team our extraordinary Outreach Coordinator, long-time host Cathy Davis.

Registration is now open for the 2018 appeals campaign.
Please click the ‘Register Now’ button above to register.
Our goal, ambitious but very doable, is for at least 40 people to conduct active appeals.

We also now invite people to conduct team appeals.

Conducting an appeal is easy, and HfH Executive Director Mike Aichenbaum is available by phone
484-380-2999 or at
to guide you through the process.

We deeply appreciate everyone’s support, without which we would not be able to continue the hard-work of growing our Host-network and coordinating with medical partners so as to have lodging and caring support to offer to patient-families in need.

We also welcome you to click the ‘Donate Now’ button at upper right to make a gift to the appeal!

Goal: 40 Personal Appeals
30 appeals to date

Participants (in bold) and their respective friends
who made gifts in our 2017 Appeals Campaign
General Donations
William Alexander
Patricia Bisignani
Barbara & Richard Checinski
Dolores Dougherty
Judy & Steve Small
Julia Smith
Individual Appeals
Ruth Aichenbaum
David Aichenbaum
Lillian Aichenbaum
Rabbi Shelly & Elliot Barnathan
Naveena Bombay
Ellen Boscov
Stefanie Brocchi
Laura Byland
Janet Chance
Patricia Cinici
Lisa Ciarrocchi
Elizabeth Glascott
Ron & Sue Grant
Carol Hillman
Shelly Kessler
Stephanie Kilpatrick
Peggy Klinger
Maralyn Lakin
Marcello Luci
Tilda Mann
Marie Miller
Mark Morris
Zalisa Rabin
Christine Ramsey
Laurie Silverstein
Allison Smith
Debbie & Gary Stahl
Regina Ziffer

Margaret Anne Fohl
William Arnold
Margo Bennett
Lorie Benovic
Marcy Bevan
Diana Gormley
Patricia & James Kitchen

Lynn Yeakel

Jessica Hertzog
Julie Bonocore
Elizabeth Morris
Richelle & Eric Hertzog

Neal Niznan
Marcia Niznan

Steven Schiff
Joan Basalik
Ileen Forcine
Kelly Gracey
Cynthia Mott
Carol Richards
Michael Schiff
Martin Thomas

‘Minneapolis Loves Philly’ Appeal
Tom and Jean Labanowski
Nic & Katie Banaszak
Andrew Boucher
Stacey Boucher
Stefanie Brobst
Christine Cloney
Andrea Cole
Kyle and Nicole Dierking
Stephen Drott
Jan Fletcher
Lauren and Shaun Harrington
Deborah Jarosek
Mark and Tobi Johannsen
Bill Kirchgessner and Karen Welle
Katie Kirchgessner
Melissa Leffiin
Sarah and Anton Medved
Marie Parish
Matt and Alyse Ringenberg
Jane Rozmiarek
Brian Shemansky
Shelly Smith
Brandon Stengel
John and Kathi Vitas
Debbie Wuerffel
Guest Appeals
Paula Botwinick
Terrie Bradish
Tyler Graves
Bettina Griek
Vicki Hunt
Dee Ann Kilbourn
Doyle Leslie
Alfred and Meredith Rodman
Diane Schneider

Thomas, Star and Meghan Breihan
Greg and Joann Barton
Amy Breihan
William Breihan
David and Patricia Cook
Mark Corso
Phil and Barbara Curry
Tammy Wheelsman
Patti Koertge
Andy and Kim Kovarik
Jeffrey Merkel
Terence Olaughlin
Suzanne Patterson
Ruth Rappsis

Kimberly Croasdale

Monika Fauci
Karen Albright
Florence and Lawrence Fauci
Claudia Gentile
James Jones
David Kanegis
Duane Kerzic
Lauren Psomas
Vessa Timeva
Aaron Weiman
Valentina Yakimova-Ponce

Susanne Forst
Roy Blumenthal
David Bradley
Brian and Mary Jane Burke
Judy and Joe DelFerro
Margie and Richard Forrest
Margo Girardi
Liz O’Hora
The Payne Family
Tara Parkway
Ruthann Will

Phil Furr
Dan and Dorcas Bergey
Kay J. Coleman-Furr
Steven and Carolyn Green
Jack and Jill Jackson
Pat Jackson
Mary Logan
Bertha Romagnoli
Susan Shores
Nina Watkins

Julia Grigsby

Elizabeth and Matthew Kavanaugh
Eileen Berilla
Elizabeth Berilla
Laurie Dietrich
Gregory Kavanaugh

Wendy Klug
Carol Baldwin
Valentina Balyuk
David W. Callander, M.D.
Pam and Rick Fairlamb
Sally Goldie
Randy and Amy Hollstein
Elaine Masaki
Susan Mead
Sheryl Van Aken
Mary Wozniak
Amanda Zaky

Robert Kramer
Janet Alhadef
Richard Baumann
Jaimie Blackman
Chris and Bob Briggs
Benjamin Cohen
Elizabeth Cohen
Judith Cohen
Thomas Contrino
Marian Curtin
Lawrence Dana
Ann and Fred Grafstein
Douglas Grafstein
Stephen and Marilyn Greiner
Mark and Joan Halpern
Peter Mackey
Janet Meresmancohen
Sandra Pruitt

Marvin Sitrin
Ray and Rochelle Torella

Leigh Anne Landis

Marty McDonald
Chad Cordon
Jorge Gonzalez
April Robertson

Emma McGeorge
Anna Fulford
Tracy LeClair

Marilyn McKenzie
Ben Hiltz

Jim Mills

Bob and Cathy Montgomery
Michael Barkley
Dolores and Richard Fryzel
Jeffrey Montgomery
Judith Pregmon
Charlie and Shawn Roguskie
Jesse Rivera
Earl and Rita Siegfried
Albert Thomas
Kiera Tracy

Maritza and Carlos Pietri
Jose Casillas

Charles Reed
Elaine Bodger
C. Freeman
John & Christine Reid

Yvonne Tallini
Ellis Guiles
Jane Guiles
Ann Joseph
Michael Kotlikoff
Carol and Tom Long
Brenda Mahar
Donna Mullen
Aly Nadworny
Larry Stoner
Philip Valeriano

Host Appeals
Susan Aggarwal

Addie Ciannella
Celia Chen
Robert Sunshine

Lisa & Paul Cover
Sean Cover
Andrew & Denise Baker
Don & Michell Blomquist
Marian Bucci
Mandi Buker and Luis Bolanos
Richard Cover
Deborah Cygan
Don & Terri Grimes
Richard Grimes
Teri Grimes
The Hartman Family
William Katoski
Bonnie & Ray Kinney
Bill & Shelley Kocher
Stephen La Point
Lexa L Leatherdale
Dave & Tina Malek
Kim & Todd McDonald
Matt & Missy Sugra
Tara Wicker
Katherine Woolsey
Denise Zander

Jim Gould

Lauren Leatherbarrow

Linda Kriger

Harriet Martin
Elisabeth Bizzari
Thomas Castrovinci
Julie Close
Annemie Deruytter
Oliver Erpeldinger
John Furno
Robert Gardiner
Raymond Hudack
Bill Hamel
Michael & Karen Holden
Mark Kita
Chris Landmesser
Lee Lasher
Kristin Maloney
Thomas Moor
Lois Pittsley
Stephanie Quisenberry
Erica Rachlin
Richard Rennard
Eric Santos
Terri Schwartz
Paul Stoube
Lisa Stout
Bruce Street
Etheldra Templeton
Joe & MaryLou Trzcinka
George White
Lou Williams

Kathryn & Mark Miani
Susan & Jim Barton
Michael D’Antonio
Rhonda Cohen
Gina Detwiler
Susan Guthrie

Marie & Tom Kelly
Edward & Kathryn Lee
Carolyn McKenna
Julia Randall
Marisa Reed
George & Lisa Reese
Elizabeth Useem

Lewis Powell
Lisa David
Alice Hunsberger
Catherine Huston
Natalie Terry
Christine Yurick

Jim Remsen
Sally Bohlin
Murray Dubin
Richard Friedman
Carol Gantman
Kathleen Litwin
Carol Malkin
Mary McCauley
Leslie Melman
Kay Moon
Judith Petsonk
Rick & Carol Post
Robert Schneider
Joseph Scranton
Barry Singer
William Tillman
Laurence Wadler
Terry West
Sam Zolten

Dick & Margaret Ullman